Fly to Map : Fly, free as a bird, To your Map!

Fly to Map is the best and inexpensive system to take the power of the professional cartography in the palm of your hand, simply using an iPhone.

FlytoMap allows the inexperienced as well as the most expert user to fly over a cartography viewer, and explore the power of best professional public Maps. This series of products are the best if you like hiking, fishing, boating, kayaking, sailing and any other kind of outdoor activity.

This high quality product is sold at very competitive price, simply compare the prices on the iPhone App-store.

Maps Application

FlytoMap provides complete, quick and easy to use map applications for navigation for iphone. Continues in the tradition of offering depth of information and functionality across expected places all over the world, exploring the map you get maximum details obtaining detailed information of each object on the map.

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Frequently Asked Question

  1. Why FlytoMap ?
The inspiration comes from Google Earth and all the flight simulators. Our mission is to let people Fly, on a cartographic viewer, to all the publicly available Maps

2. Is FlytoMap applications available for other devices then Iphone ?
Not for now, but we are working on it, to brought the easy of fly to map navigation on other platforms such Android Symbian and Windows Mobile.

About us

Our background is composed by GIS Experts and Software developers with several years of experience. The iPhone opportunity has been the right stimulus to decide and make our own business. Our business is the GPS mapping for outdoor activities like boating, fishing, hiking, hunting, etc..
FlyToMap mission is to provide best outdoor GPS mapping at the best possible price. Flytomap allows the inexperienced user fly over a cartographic viewer, and explore the power of professional public Map simply with your phone, so this series of product are the best if you like to hiking,fishing, Boating, kayaking and sailing.

This high quality products is sold at very competitive price, simply compare the price on app-store.

Yesterday, but still today, all the GPS mapping was for expensive GPS devices and using separate cartography media very expensive too (the whole USA map price is around $ 500 for a Nautical Digital product).

Today with FlyToMap you can load on your iPhone the whole USA Nautical Digital Charts for just $ 19.99.